Bosch and Amodo cooperate to develop new services and provide even more value to the clients of both companies.

Amodo is one of the most successful InsurTech companies and has built a state-of-the-art telematics platform used to connect with new customers and offer personalized insurance products, in a simple and convenient way. Amodo platform supports a telematics program based on OBDs, smartphones, and as of recently on Bosch Bluetooth device.

The Telematics eCall Plug (TEP) of Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH has an integrated algorithm for a reliable determination of the crash severity. Bosch has vast experience in building airbag systems with accurate crash evaluation. Based on its measurements and the predefined thresholds, the device can trigger an emergency call. Within Europe eCall is already part of the security standard.

The device will also serve as a “tag”, connecting an insured car with the person, as well as help to build more comprehensive insight into the crash reconstruction for the benefit of Insurance companies.

About Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions Gmbh

Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH are developing and providing to market innovative connected devices. Their competencies in electronics, sensor technology, and software enable new business models for global markets. Bosch, as a worldwide leader for MEMS sensors, produces more than one billion of these components per year.

About Amodo

Amodo platform enables insurers to develop a new category of products based on behavior and usage data. The Platform collects data from smartphones and other connected devices in order to build holistic customer profiles, providing better insights into customer risk and customer products needs. Amodo technology and methodology is approved by insurers around the world.

Additional information about Amodo find at | LinkedIn: Amodo-IoT Twitter: @Amodo_IoT | or contact us

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