Connected Insurance: better policies with the help of car data

All players on the motor insurance market need to embrace the connected car information and find ways to utilize it to engage users. There are 3 main areas insurers can use car data for and that helps them stay relevant in the customer’s eyes. Let’s start with the most important person in any vehicle for […]

Why is connected car data relevant for insurance companies?

We will go into detail about how and why insurance companies can benefit from utilizing connected car information. Vehicles that were produced after January 2016 have the option to send valuable information for insurers directly from the car. The types of information connected cars are creating are: fuel status, driven distance, electric vehicle battery status, […]

Safe miles, save lives: powered by Maritime Financial Group

The Maritime Financial Group strongly nurtures corporate social responsibility by encouraging private initiatives for the public good, focusing on the quality of life.  The Group has shown great compassion and social responsibility as the initiator of numerous actions and initiatives that save lives in the Caribbean region. Their latest initiative “Safe miles, save lives” invites […]