Create customer relationships with the help of smartphone data

Usage-based insurance products rely on technology that gathers data and provides insights for insurers and customers. There are seven main types of data gathering technology: Blackbox OBD device OBD + Smartphone hybrid Smartphone only solution Bluetooth beacon enhanced (BLE) smartphone solutions Windscreen-mounted devices 12 V socket device Telematics technology can provide a lot of value […]

Usage-based insurance: thinking beyond the black box

From shifting customer behavior to channel fragmentation, digitization to business or operating model innovation, few if any industries have remained immune to the digital transformation.  Some may argue that the insurance sector has lagged others in confronting disruption or seeking to be the disruptor. Insurers are facing a number of fundamental, if not existential, questions […]

Digital Broker: taking the insurance business to a new level

While adoption of technology among insurance players has been slower than in other industries, today’s insurance consumer is more connected than ever before. It is therefore not surprising that consumers expect their insurance providers to adapt and evolve towards the digital landscape, driven by their digital interactions in other industries. We see more and more […]

Whitepaper – tech revolution in the auto insurance industry

This whitepaper gives an answer to tech leaders looking for a new strategy in this current digital revolution. Topics included in this publication: Usage-based insurance – thinking beyond the black box Time to get real with relationships Five challenges and opportunities in going digital Unlocking the value of data This Raconteur’s Digital magazine sponsored by […]

Whitepaper – customer engagement as the critical success factor in changing drivers behavior

This whitepaper gives valuable insight to insurers on how to build and maintain relationships with customers for a better ROI. Why you should download it: The research is based on a large dataset with vigorous scientific statistic analysis. It explores the correlations and causations between the driver’s activities and their quality of driving during the […]

Whitepaper – Customer communication strategies for usage-based insurance programs

This whitepaper gives valuable insight to insurers on how to efficiently manage communication with their customers. Why you should download it: It includes research on close to 50 different insurance companies that offer telematics-based insurance products. There is also a good overview of the current market situation on the topic of customer communication in the […]

Step into the Digital world with Amodo Smartphone insurance platform – video interview

In our experience, there are three cornerstones for creating new products based on telematics technology: a rich set of collected data, adequate contextualization of said data, and powerful data analytics. If all three are in place, an incredible value can be extracted from the data. Insurance companies should use data to monetize their digital channels, […]

P&V Group launches the first on-demand short-term insurance product in Belgium

Last month The P&V Group became one of the pioneers of the European insurance industry that uses telematics technology to create On-Demand Short-Term Insurance policy for Motorcycles. This new type of insurance proposition for the Belgian market, called CliCover is an on-demand insurance product where the customer decides when to activate this coverage and for […]